Pull Toy Block Wagon

wagon with unit blocks



Similar to the larger block wagon this wagon's 21 wooden blocks, in 2 layers, make a great starter set, with a wooden wagon toy the kids can climb on too. This wagon is made of Black Cherry with Red Oak unit blocks and assembled with dowelled joinery. Wooden blocks are one of the best toys for any age child. A non-prescriptive play activity like block building requires imagination and creativity and seems to result in endless play variations over childhood. One day a child may build a castle, another day an airport or zoo or even a more abstract structure.

Size is 9 x 21 inches.

Pull Toy Block Wagon


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A more detailed description of my unit blocks.

Block Play: Building a Child's Mind


We received the set of blocks that Jeremy's grandparents ordered and I would like to complement you on the beautiful workmanship. They are so much fun that even Jeremy's parents can't resist building with them. Each block is a delight because of its shape, weight, finish, and the way it corresponds to the others. We will enjoy many afternoons with them.

Yours, Anne and Eric

Dear John,

I had to write and thank your for another beautiful job. I ordered the wagon with 100 blocks for my niece's first birthday. What I do have to tell you is how much joy I received from giving the gift you made. All the children at the party played with the gift, even Samantha. I thought the wagon would be a gift that grew on her, but from the minute she opened it, she couldn't stay away. She took the blocks out and sat in the wagon, pushed it, climbed all over it. The party ended with the two grandfathers working together to put the blocks back in the wagon. We hope this gets easier for them over time. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you do, and for making it available. You are the best.


We all travel the milky way together, trees and men ...
trees are travellers, in the ordinary sense. They make
journeys, not very extensive ones, it is true: but our own
little comes and goes are only little more than
tree-wavings - many of them not so much.

John Muir, Scribner's Monthly, November 1878

The poor ignorant savage even apologized to a tree for having to cut it down and had sacred groves and woods he left standing—homes of the gods or of his fellow creatures—whereas his successor, who ungodded nature, ravages the heights and brings floods, dustbowls and salt pans into the once fertile lowlands.  Or worse, defoliates to facilitate hunting down his brother man.

Jacob Trapp, The Light of a Thousand Suns, 1973

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