Build An Heirloom Rocking Horse

For Your Child or Grandchild



I want you to give the children in your life not only better toys, but better memories. A wooden toy requires more of the child's imagination and creativity than the toy industry's current offerings. This means more play value, more education, more cognitive development. They cannot turn on the switch and watch it; they need to touch and manipulate it. They will combine it with other toys in ways completely unexpected. You have probably seen children who are more attracted to a shipping container than its contents. Children's imaginations are on high speed and need very little encouragement.


Making a basic toy of a natural material is even more special because of the relationship you share. "My grandpa/ma made it.", is good to hear. And, since well made wooden toys will last far beyond us makers, you get the memories as a bonus. I hope your children and grandchildren will have fond memories of you. Durable wooden toys will help call those memories to mind.

John Michael Linck  Toymaker


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One fellow made the horse below from my plans.


The newest trend is that of a manufacturer developing a licensed concept and producing both the entertainment (television, movies) and the product (toy or licensed character). With this arrangement, the toymaker/licensor has nearly total control of the character's development and the marketing of new products based on the license. Television series and specials, movies, books and cartoons are examples of how this control has been exercised in recent years.

TMA estimates that nearly half of the toys sold are licensed products.


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